Sewing together the details of Chaos while partying on a Budget

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I have been busy working on curtains for my 3-year-old daughter. I thought I’d just break out the old’ sewing machine and in typical fashion, I forgot how much work sewing can be. But I wanted to redecorate her room … Continue reading



Do you consider how you see your life reality or simply your perspective? Have you ever considered there could be a difference and a way to willfully change your perspective on things to make yourself happier? I’m not talking denial but choosing to accept life for how it is and looking for the beauty. I’m also not talking about settling or not pushing yourself but internal growth in all areas. Accepting the ebbs and flows of life and rolling with the punches. Accepting life when one door closes, realizing your short comings and growing from them. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, imperfect but striving to be better. Not for other people, but for yourself and your own happiness. I am definitely at a flux in life professionally speaking and i have been a control freak most of my life. I enjoyed being able to depend on my corporate 9-5 and…

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Life is what you make it…literally.

Do you consider how you see your life reality or simply your perspective? Have you ever considered there could be a difference and a way to willfully change your perspective on things to make yourself happier? I’m not talking denial … Continue reading

Portfolio Part 2

This is part two of collages from my collection of paintings that I have done over the years. This particular set is a collage of my first paintings. I was fascinated at the time with the creation of life, birth and … Continue reading

Chocolate, Cards, Lovers, Art –Eat, Pray, Love?

Hello You lovely people! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day. As promised, I made the chocolate covered strawberries for my hubby and they turned out excellent. Next time I will warm the chocolate in the microwave a … Continue reading

Party planning on a budget and making it fabulous!

With four daughters, I have had just about any little girl birthday party you can imagine. I’ve also had just about every kind of baby shower and wedding shower/wedding you can imagine. (3rd times a charm right!). So in addition to my customised paintings and home decor i can do party favors, banners, cake toppers, guest books, table numbers, you name it. I’m going to be putting together some packaged deals that can be customised to your kiddo that will make your party look like Martha Stewart just left and you can tell everyone you did it…or don’t and send them to me as a referral and get a discount on your next purchase.

Down to business…I just had a birthday for my 13-year-old daughter. She is a Zebra fanatic and wanted it to be Hot pink and Zebra. (this is going to be a long blog so don’t say i didn’t warn you). So i made everything. The hit though surprisingly was the utensil containers i made which ended up being taken home by every little girl for pencils or makeup. Here’s what i did….i took cans…any old cans, (canned peas, spaghetti’ o’s whatever) and cleaned them and took the paper off. Don’t want any food residue in there. I then Painted them black…let that dry (about 2 hours).
You could also use spray paint i imagine but i always find that messier and it drips. I then painted the white stripes on them. Once that dried i coated them with modge podge and sprinkled them with glitter and then i glued gems around the tops of the can. If I had more gems i could have done the bottom. AND if i had known these would go as favors, i would have painted the girls names on them. Then i put either tissue paper or a cut up paper bag frayed inside before putting the utensils in. You could load them with goodies and wrap them in some pretty cellophane with a ribbon and voila!25

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So those are the utensil holders that can double as party favors. The banner i made from an old T-shirt I cut up and craft paper I cut into Triangle, painted with my design and lettering and then i sewed the paper onto the old t-shirt that i had knotted together. I used the left over craft paper from making my banner to tape to the pink table clothe to give the Zebra Design there. And I hung a pink table clothe, painted a heart on it and used some of the left over triangles there which the kids really enjoyed taking pictures in front of. I grabbed some old Halloween stuff so they could act a goof which my daughter thought everyone would hate but as you can see the boys enjoyed it.



I used dollar store wrapping paper to help accent the table and to decorate the chairs with (AKA protect from strawberry frosting and other food products). The Candy center piece I painted several layers of colors on an old glass vase I already had lying around, then put glitter inside while it was still drying and I put a battery operated candle in there before putting the candy portion on top. I made a dj station just outside the food area to keep the kids in one area so I could keep an eye on all of them at all times (hormones!).  I used a black table-cloth and christmas lights to decorate it with. In the main room I used paper plates and some of the napkins to help accentuate around the balloons and tissue garland. I found Zebra cupcake holders and just made the cupcakes at home and piped on the strawberry frosting.




Sweet hearts, technique’s and other ramblings

Being the typical die hard romantic artist type, I love Valentines day. I also hate it. I will often build up in my head all these grandiose ideas of what Valentines day should be but really a lot of that … Continue reading