Do you consider how you see your life reality or simply your perspective? Have you ever considered there could be a difference and a way to willfully change your perspective on things to make yourself happier? I’m not talking denial but choosing to accept life for how it is and looking for the beauty. I’m also not talking about settling or not pushing yourself but internal growth in all areas. Accepting the ebbs and flows of life and rolling with the punches. Accepting life when one door closes, realizing your short comings and growing from them. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, imperfect but striving to be better. Not for other people, but for yourself and your own happiness. I am definitely at a flux in life professionally speaking and i have been a control freak most of my life. I enjoyed being able to depend on my corporate 9-5 and…

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Chocolate, Cards, Lovers, Art –Eat, Pray, Love?

Hello You lovely people! I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day. As promised, I made the chocolate covered strawberries for my hubby and they turned out excellent. Next time I will warm the chocolate in the microwave a … Continue reading

Rainbow Zebra, patriotic and things to come

I have been very busy post hysterectomy. I have finished a colorful Zebra Mom and baby. A Patriotic piece for a ladies husband who recently earned a new position and this will be her gift to him. AND i am planning my first organic garden. And if you know me, i go big or go home. I’m tired of paying $5 for a tomato and prices are rising. I’ve only begun but so far i have a whole pinterest board dedictated to the subject. You can find me at
I’ve sketched out my garden, decided what i want to grow, although i’m not sure i have them for the right seasons etc so that i still have to research. I went and priced my materials to build my raised beds. I did research on how to make your garden as low maintenance as possible. I did this simply because i want to grow alot of vegetables and fruit. With 4 kids we go through alot of produce and it’s nearly impossible to be able to afford the good food so why not grow my own and get them in on the project.
Here are some pics of what i’ve been doing.

Flag, Army 4

Handcrafted is the Word for Holidays in this economy-Buy Local Movement

I don’t know about everyone else but this economy has totally changed the way I look at things. I clip coupons, make more things from scratch and I find myself doing things my parents did like obsess over the lights and temperature on the thermostat. Since I’ve always been “artsy” I have always found myself doing creative things for loved ones as gifts. This year is different though. I’m not alone. There is a huge “Buy local” and shop local movement. AND I like it! It makes perfect sense. Keep the money in your local economy. Buy from each other, trade with each other, support one another. I am constantly amazed at the things people are coming up with now to make money. More than once have I thought, ” I wish I had thought of that!”.

Having an insurance back ground with small business I understand the woe’s that come with the burden that is a small business. And I am just as guilty as anyone else of shopping at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. I have a hard time resisting a deal. I think there is a breakdown in the food area on this movement. It’s expensive to get local food near you or you have to drive a million miles and then with the gas that you’re burning it defeats the purpose. But we’re getting there. Gifts and things for weddings, babies, etc. are all things we can probably shop local for. I am sure there are more websites like the one listed below who supported the “Small Business Saturday” to go along with “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

Check it out, what do you think? What do you buy local and how do you do your part in this economy that seems to be circling the drain?

This is one of the gifts that my daughter did. She’s 2, almost 3 and quite brilliant I think , but perhaps i’m biased.

lily's work1

I for one purchased a lot of items for my wedding off of Etsy. Which is also what gave me the idea to start selling my paintings on there. I hope all of you will wake this holiday and have a sense of peace no matter what presents , or lack there of, awaits you.

My new works for the week are listed below. I had a lot of fun doing these and I hope to find more time to create some more.

canary flowers bluebird2


In the end it is the love and ability to give love that makes life rewarding. No matter how alone any of you may feel, remember we are all energy and we are connected by that energy. You can call that religious, scientific, whatever. I call it truth.

Sending you all positive vibes. Wishing you a happy New year that’s prosperous in wealth, health and love to you all!


The Mystery that is Etsy

Navigating Etsy seems to be more difficult than first expected. There are so many little nuances that it just takes time to learn. Here is a really great blog that is super helpful if you are selling or plan on selling on Etsy. Hopefully my learning curve won’t take too long. If anyone sells on Etsy and has any useful tips or advice, i’m open to them.

Sellers helping sellers

Allow me to introduce myself


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brandie. I’m a mother of four beautiful daughters (14, 12, 7 and 2 1/2) and I  am only 34 (34 is still young! i’m thinking 55 is the new middle age) . I am an avid music fan. Nothing moves me more except maybe dancing and painting.  I am often frazzled, tired and I never seem to have enough time.  I’m either pulling out my hair or its falling out. Taking care of four children especially at Christmas time is difficult and one has to pull out all the stops (while trying to leave the hair in place).  I’m no shrinking violet, I will tell you like it is and in a Sailors tone if it is warranted. You never question where you stand with me. I wear my emotions on my face and sometimes on my sleeve.  I have finally found “the one” and my husband, who lives with five girls, would appreciate your prayers. Poor guy. I have always loved art and I hope you will enjoy my discoveries and commentaries. I encourage comments, suggestions, feedback, tips, constructive criticism. They say it takes a village so I’m going along with that mindset with regards to my blog and Art so I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  This is going to be a place of positive energy and I love kindred spirits. Please share away on your facebook (find me at or on twitter ( I encourage you to poke around and look at all of my photos, art work, videos and my Etsy page is a must see. Deffinitley click play below and listen to this awesome song. It’s Good Stuff! There are links to all of the above listed below. Peace, Love and happiness my friends.