Allow me to introduce myself


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brandie. I’m a mother of four beautiful daughters (14, 12, 7 and 2 1/2) and I  am only 34 (34 is still young! i’m thinking 55 is the new middle age) . I am an avid music fan. Nothing moves me more except maybe dancing and painting.  I am often frazzled, tired and I never seem to have enough time.  I’m either pulling out my hair or its falling out. Taking care of four children especially at Christmas time is difficult and one has to pull out all the stops (while trying to leave the hair in place).  I’m no shrinking violet, I will tell you like it is and in a Sailors tone if it is warranted. You never question where you stand with me. I wear my emotions on my face and sometimes on my sleeve.  I have finally found “the one” and my husband, who lives with five girls, would appreciate your prayers. Poor guy. I have always loved art and I hope you will enjoy my discoveries and commentaries. I encourage comments, suggestions, feedback, tips, constructive criticism. They say it takes a village so I’m going along with that mindset with regards to my blog and Art so I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  This is going to be a place of positive energy and I love kindred spirits. Please share away on your facebook (find me at or on twitter ( I encourage you to poke around and look at all of my photos, art work, videos and my Etsy page is a must see. Deffinitley click play below and listen to this awesome song. It’s Good Stuff! There are links to all of the above listed below. Peace, Love and happiness my friends.