Sewing together the details of Chaos while partying on a Budget

I have been busy working on curtains for my 3-year-old daughter. I thought I’d just break out the old’ sewing machine and in typical fashion, I forgot how much work sewing can be. But I wanted to redecorate her room and we are on a very tight budget these days. So I did the curtains, redecorated the wooden letters already on her wall, added some fun to her lampshade and added a few touches to her butterfly mobile. I am still wrestling with what to do to the rocking chair.  I contemplated a bean bag but that would mean removing the rocking chair and well, she’s the last baby I’ll have  so I’m resisting that. I’m going to be working on a painting for her room as well. I have several paintings I need to do and I can’t wait to do them. The problem is I can’t just set up and paint with her on the loose. Once I get going I get that “flow” and am in a complete zone. But i digress. I wanted her room to be whimsical and fun, bright and unique. There’s no “theme” per say  It’s sort of “Alice In Wonderland”, anything goes sort of thing. I like color and I figure should she decide she wants to do fairies or owls or butterflies or Tinkerbell or WHATEVER….one of the colors in this is going to match! This is what I’ve done so far….9



Now that I have the curtains completed I’m even contemplating making her a quilt. But I know my limitations and I don’t know that I have the time that would require. In other news I have been making some AWESOME Candy centerpieces. I love these.

photo (84)pirate1540887_10200982999240088_1672878690_n

Spring Celebration Candy Centerpiece

The more I do the faster the flood gates of ideas open in my brain. I just wish I could do more of them. I have been in a state of  elevated creativity; ideas after ideas after ideas. So many that I just can’t keep them all straight. I’ve decided to keep a notebook handy so when the moments strike, I don’t lose that inspiration. Some of them are rather lofty goals (such as trying to learn the art of portraiture) and others are moving onto the other kids rooms in my house.

I also managed to pull off a Caillou themed party for my daughter. This is a fete because there isn’t a store in sight that sells anything Caillou and I don’t have the resources to pay a fortune so i just took an old poster and painted her this.


I also had to come up with something for the cake so I just freestyled this onto a little piece of paper and glued it to a lollipop stick (you know the kind you get to make cake pops?)


The end result was a success. Another budget friendly birthday party.


Do you have any creative projects that you are excited about?


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