Life is what you make it…literally.


Do you consider how you see your life reality or simply your perspective? Have you ever considered there could be a difference and a way to willfully change your perspective on things to make yourself happier? I’m not talking denial but choosing to accept life for how it is and looking for the beauty. I’m also not talking about settling or not pushing yourself but internal growth in all areas. Accepting the ebbs and flows of life and rolling with the punches. Accepting life when one door closes, realizing your short comings and growing from them. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, imperfect but striving to be better. Not for other people, but for yourself and your own happiness. I am definitely at a flux in life professionally speaking and i have been a control freak most of my life. I enjoyed being able to depend on my corporate 9-5 and the money it would bring. Things in our society have changed and there is no such thing as anything that is dependable. It used to be hard work would eventually pay off. Now with technology and the way it replaces humans in careers, advancing us forward continuously, career paths don’t progress like they used to. Having a degree before was invaluable. Now having a degree doesn’t always mean getting the job. Neither does having 15 years experience if they can hire someone cheaper or younger or who doesn’t have children. That kind of uncertainty is not conducive to keeping ones sanity. Such as life in this new era. I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s best to be thankful for that which you have, even the most minute of things and chose happiness than dwell on what you can’t control or what might be or could have been. This is just a reminder to myself really. Dr. Wayne Dyer is an awesome resource for such ways of thinking and he has been a guiding light to me in my spirituality and my inner growth. I highly suggest you check out his website if you haven’t done so.

He always opens my eyes and reminds me of what is truely important in life. I wish you all Love and Peace



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