Portfolio Part 2

This is part two of collages from my collection of paintings that I have done over the years. This particular set is a collage of my first paintings. I was fascinated at the time with the creation of life, birth and all things surrounding that. The beauty both in the complexity but also in how love leads to pain which then can bring forth something so beautiful and complicated. Something that never stops evolving and is an ebb and flow of energy, changes, up’s and downs, happiness, sadness  pleasure and pain. A unique experience by each individual (just like everyone else). Evolution, creation, science, life, birth, death all intertwined into no single definition but holds a common denominator; Change. We begin as a speck and return to but a speck and yet energy never dies. There is no real beginning and no real end, only a metamorphosis of our physical realms. We can be in a crowded room and feel entirely alone. We can also be totally alone and feel the energy of universal connection. Perception and being open enough for reception of energy and love can change everything. We belong to no one and yet we all belong to each other. Such a complicated process can only originate from another form of divinity in my opinion that is also as complicated and hard to grasp. Our world and existence is an amazing, haunting, beautiful, complicated, scary and exciting thing.

Portfolio Part 2


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