Chocolate, Cards, Lovers, Art –Eat, Pray, Love?


Hello You lovely people!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day. As promised, I made the chocolate covered strawberries for my hubby and they turned out excellent. Next time I will warm the chocolate in the microwave a bit longer (i did it for about a minute, then stirred and did another 10 seconds). I cleaned my strawberries and the patted them dry and layed them out on a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then i just dipped! and drizzled and sprinkled. Remember that song…”When i put my hand up on your hip, I dip you dip we dip”?  Good one to hum while doing the strawberries. He LOVED them.


I also did some handmade cards with the kiddos



AND I baked a cake for my loves and my new church family
I have finally found a church that is filled with…brace yourself…normal people. Who actually don’t act like they walk on water and are loving and accepting and the things we think Christians should be. I’m sure they aren’t perfect but I find it to be uplifting and just the right place for my little family to call home for our spiritual well being.

               Their motto is “Love God, Love People, Change the World.” How great is that? So i have been enjoying my new found friends both online and in church. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out.

Providence Bible Church

More Eating—-Recipe’s  aka-Experiments

I stumbled upon some pretty cool kitchen experiments that turned out tasty. These may not be new but i just had one of those days where I had to make something out of nothing and here’s what we got.

Snack for the little ones i lovingly named “Hobo Teeth”. Hopefully this doesn’t offend but it’s Self explanatory.

hobo teeth-001

For dinner i made the chicken recipe off of the fried onions box (You know the one you put on casserole) and my invention, Southwest Bacon Ranch pasta salad.

It was delish.

ingrediants 2ingrediantspasta

You boil pasta, while that’s cooking you saute a diced onion, frozen corn with beans, tomatoes, garlic , salt, pepper a dash of dill and cilantro  in olive oil. In a bowl on the side you mix a dollop of cream cheese, 3 table spoons of light sour cream and about 1/4 cup of ranch dressing and mix it well.

When the pasta is done you rinse with cold water to cool it down then fold into the creamy mixture and stir well, top with the saute’d corn and bean salsa, mix and add some bacon (I used the fake stuff but the real stuff would be excellent).

It was a hit.


This is MyIMG_1505-001 latest painting that I did for a contest I ran on my FB page so this one is a give away. What do you think?

IMG_1507 (2)-001IMG_1504-001

I also have some party package deals ready to go on my MY ETSY SHOP and with the FB coupon code it’s 80% off!. I encourage you to check it out and leave me feedback. .

Love and Peace my friends!



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