Sweet hearts, technique’s and other ramblings

Being the typical die hard romantic artist type, I love Valentines day. I also hate it. I will often build up in my head all these grandiose ideas of what Valentines day should be but really a lot of that is my inner creative romantic in over drive. The creative artistic type can not expect the non creative non artistic or romantic type to come up with the feats that our imagination can. So in the fashion of true love, having married my complete and polar opposite in this arena, I look for what he considers love. I of course express my desires for romance as most women. I think there is an inherent difference between the sexes in this arena. So him being a practical man, I am getting him something practical that he needs (this lunch box container that’s like $5 at Walmart so he can take his lunch everyday and his food won’t get all get smooshed together and it’s microwave safe. I am also getting him something he wants but won’t buy himself, even though I can find it used and at a major discount ( video games anyone?) and what most spend on a days lunch, will entertain him for possibly months. And then there’s his weakness….chocolate. I researched chocolate covered strawberries. ARE YOU kidding me?! WAY expensive. So this is my romantic touch, i’m going to make him some chocolate covered strawberries from scratch. Hopefully they turn out alright. I’m going to use white chocolate and then use milk chocolate to make them pretty. I’m making a box and a card to give to him. So I figure I cover all of my basis. Practical, fun and romantic. Perhaps that’s just the OCD in me. Eitherway, I want my love to know how much he is appreciated and even though money is tight, I can make him something special and not break the bank. I will post pics of the finished product. I found this most intriguing blog and they have some amazing recipes and ideas.


Onto techniques: I rediscovered an old friend of mine and met a new one. I’m talking about the one and only Bob Ross people! The happy little tree guy.bobross

I started watching him paint when i was about 6 years old. I wonder how many people he inspired to paint? Anyways i’ve been trying to watch youtube videos and I joined the website Artist Daily (the new friend and did I mention that membership is FREE)MainHeaderLogo


to help learn some technique. I have to say I really think my art is progressing. I wish I had pursued more of an Art education earlier in life and followed my passion and dream. I wonder what i’d be capable of today. Maybe one day i’ll actually be an inspiration to someone else. In the meantime, my last video was Bob Ross doing his thing. I took note of two brushes of great importance, the liner brush and the fan brush….and the scraper thing…i don’t know the real name for that one. I will be testing those out in my repertoire. I also have been brushing up on my sketching techniques and I have done a free writing excercise for painting ideas. I’m just sketching away each any every idea I had jotted down in my free writting excersize. I figure the practice is good and It might help me come up with some good painting ideas. Here are a couple i’ve done so far. beach1



This Artists blog was especially helpful in giving insight into Sketching technique http://alisaburke.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/sketching-101.html


I’ve created this little pinterest board to hoard these ideas (along with numerous others). You’re welcome to check it out and please share your pinterest link below so I can return the follow. I appreciate any feedback, ideas or technique that you have that has helped you in your creative process. I have some crafty ideas that i’m working on that are super cool and useful as well. Look for those. As always, peace love and happiness my friends…come find me on pinterest, facebook, twitter and Etsy.



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