Rainbow Zebra, patriotic and things to come

I have been very busy post hysterectomy. I have finished a colorful Zebra Mom and baby. A Patriotic piece for a ladies husband who recently earned a new position and this will be her gift to him. AND i am planning my first organic garden. And if you know me, i go big or go home. I’m tired of paying $5 for a tomato and prices are rising. I’ve only begun but so far i have a whole pinterest board dedictated to the subject. You can find me at http://www.pinterest.com/brandiebryan
I’ve sketched out my garden, decided what i want to grow, although i’m not sure i have them for the right seasons etc so that i still have to research. I went and priced my materials to build my raised beds. I did research on how to make your garden as low maintenance as possible. I did this simply because i want to grow alot of vegetables and fruit. With 4 kids we go through alot of produce and it’s nearly impossible to be able to afford the good food so why not grow my own and get them in on the project.
Here are some pics of what i’ve been doing.

Flag, Army 4