Painting Technique, childrens Art, Nursery decor, bedroom murals and more

I am working on several childrens pieces and there seems to be a hug array of inspiration out there. I’m going to tackle my first mural after the holidays. I hope it goes as expected and i’m sure it will be a learning curve. Do you know anyone out there that does this or any resources? What about childrens art , what would you like to see and what have been some of your favorite things? I know owls are big right now and i do love them but it seems that market is already flooded and i’d like to do something a bit more original. Here’s a piece i’ve done for a friend of mines nursery. This is my original sketch.

baby henry

And this is how the painting ended up. What do you think?

baby henry3baby hnery6

I have also run across this nifty website which shows different techniques. I am always looking for more technique, better and more efficent ways of doing things. If you know of any other sites, please post them here

I hope you are all geared up for the holidays, i am personally freaking out but tis the season to be crazy! FA lalalalalalala!

Peace and Love,



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