The Mystery that is Etsy

Navigating Etsy seems to be more difficult than first expected. There are so many little nuances that it just takes time to learn. Here is a really great blog that is super helpful if you are selling or plan on selling on Etsy. Hopefully my learning curve won’t take too long. If anyone sells on Etsy and has any useful tips or advice, i’m open to them.

Sellers helping sellers


2 thoughts on “The Mystery that is Etsy

  1. I’ve noticed that our views and sales have gone up since our positive feedback has gone up. We pride ourselves in being completely ourselves…so when we send convos and emails we talk like we are talking to a friend. We also try to ship out ASAP. People really appreciate your honesty and the fast shipping doesn’t hurt either! Any secrets you’ve discovered?

    • Rebecca
      That is a good way of doing business in any line of business in my opinion. I’m still new to Etsy but so far i have found alot of good information in the “community” area with Teams and even from other Artists and Craftsman. I love that you can connect with like minded people who are also local and help support and market each other. I personally belong to team fest. Florida Etsy Street Team. If you search Team Fest on Etsy it brings up all of our listings. All members are encouraged to help promote the team. It’s an interesting little grass roots site that is underestimated in my opinion.
      Thank you for your feedback and reply. Happy Holiday and have a prosperous new year!


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