Thank you for stopping by my page! My name is Brandie (but you can call me Hope if you want) please take a moment to poke around and get to know me and let me know about you.  I am a happily, newly re-married lady to a very handsome and loving man. Thirty something, mother of four daughters with an ever evolving myriad of issues and challenges. I had children young and I also have a young child so basically it’s teenagers to toddlers in my house of a blended family.  I have been painting, sketching and using any media possible to create since I was a child. I have always been the one in the family with “the most vivid imagination and creative spark”.  Art has been an outlet for stress and expression my entire life. When I have been unable to verbalize or even escape my current situation, art has been the one thing I can rely on to help take me where I need to be. I use mainly acrylic paint with different texturing agents to create a 3D effect in my pieces that is not only visually stimulating, but exciting to the touch as well. I often use embellishments such as metallic paint, beaded or fiber grained pastes and powders  for effect. My artistic process has been an evolutionary process and like most artists I have a hunger to constantly learn and improve my craft. I find a lot of my inspiration in nature but also in just being an observer of the trials and tribulations in life. I look for the beauty in those difficult moments and try to convey a message of hope in that moment of despair onto canvas. The human experience is a universal one that even though difficult, is often beautiful. Beyond acrylics I use different surfaces such as wood, metal and every day found objects to create something out of nothing. Watercolors, pastels, ink, paper, glass, even my old saved greeting cards or love letters are also sometimes used in my creations. Photographs and a sketch book are the birth place of my ideas that later evolve onto my canvas. Each painting has a hidden message of hope but is not so obvious  to leave room for the observer to gain from the piece what they find.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. U are so talented! and wow what a website!! Your workis just incredable!!! U should have no trouble making your business a success!! I will gladly help you with any word of mouth or posting u want to help your buisness grow! I think everyone should take a look at all the awesome dinamic stuff u do!!! U are just an amazing gal!!!!

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